It's ALL about the PARTY!

With Non-stop, pulse pounding music you and your friends can move to...
Chicago Music Machine cranks it out - ALL NIGHT LONG!!!

Playing Everything from Motown to Michael J, from The Beatles to Pitbull, Usher, VIC and Jason Derulo, from Today's Hottest Stars to Yesterday's Classics, Chicago Music Machine is Guaranteed to Get 'em Out on the Dance floor!

Whether you are here to find out more about the band before hitting a club, or you're here because you are planning an event and want to make sure the PARTY TAKES OFF - if you are looking for High Energy, Experienced Party Starters, you're in the right place.

Chicago Music Machine knows what it takes to set the stage for a great and successful event.  Merging the music-blending talents of experienced DJs with the dynamic, vibrant energy of LIVE musicians, CMM keeps the music flowing = non-stop = throughout the night -  It's the BEST of BOTH WORLDS!

Whether you are planning a Wedding, Private Party, or Corporate Event or if you are looking to fill a spot on your calendar for a Festival or Club, Chicago Music Machine has what it takes to make you look like a rockstar event planner!

So take a look around - listen to the demos - then make Chicago Music Machine YOUR choice for the very best in Live Entertainment!

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